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been watchin' Jojo's bizarre adventure. I'm diggin' it.
Sometimes I think I like bumming myself out XD
Teemo Passion
I was at a bar, making some sketches of stuff, and this one alcohol fueled idea came to mind. I hope you enjoy this as much as Teemo enjoys his Shrooms. Which is alot, I suppose.
People! This guy should have more views! I love his covers :D


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Just a dude who lives in Vancouver, and wants to be an animator! (But secretly just wants to play video games all day long...whoops)

Current Residence: Vancouver
Favourite cartoon character: Fry and Eek the Cat
Personal Quote: "Everything always works out in the end."
  More like I'm just sorting through all my junk to see what I can and can't throw out. I don't know why I can't make such an easy decision of whether or not to stay, but I might as well start getting shit ready in case I do plan on moving. 

  Sorting out old greeting cards and stuff has kinda made me a bit sad. Not the usual "omg my life is over" sad, but more of a... "Things could have been better...what a shame". Hopes and dreams all gone. The future is either I stay here and hope to glob that I get something by May. Not hang out with anyone here because I don't get along with anyone XD.... OR... go home, start all over again, but at least I'll have my friends? Who KNOWS if I'll even get anything there O_o

 There's a bunch of stuff that I've kept that should be thrown out, like old halloween costumes, my world of warcraft board game : /.... stuff like that. 

Oh ya! I'm also getting over a cold. I haven't gotten this sick for over a year. I've got barely any decent food in the house(I can get more, I just didn't want to leave the house all gloopy and stuff). I had hot dogs for breakfast today XD. I might ..MIGHT get take out : /... I would rather some spicy food, but that would mean leaving the house, God forbid...

Things that keep me wanting to stay is "There's SOOO much of BC I haven't been to or have done here!" also, I keep thinking I'm going to start making some web toons, but we all know THAT won't happen. 

Going back to Ottawa "You can start over there! Plus, you'll have all your friends to make you happy again! :D You can slowly get back into drawing online and stuff, it'll be hard, but it'll be so rewarding!"

Who knows. Maybe just cleaning up all this junk will just make me forget all about it and be a bit more content not working for a few months? I'm always afraid of making the wrong decision, because most of my decisions seem to be the wrong one. I ask for advice, but I always get conflicting answers XD "GO!" "STAY!" "GO!" "STAY!"
"Is there any work for you here in Ottawa? O_o"
"why would you want to stay there? Too many bad memories"
"Why WOULDN'T you want to stay here?? It's amazing!"
"Don't leave! you'll be giving up on your career!!" (I wouldn't be : /)

Anyhoo, I started reading a couple of webcomics today. Not too shabby.

Also, here's a song for all the people who read this and don't comment! :D 
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: tons of stuff.
  • Reading: them web comics I mentioned.
  • Watching: nuthin'
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Hot Dogs
  • Drinking: water and tea

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Hello random deviant! You are the chosen one (xD) It's a project for our group, so don't wonder! Can you draw something for me? Just a Headshot or a Sketch or something is enough. (If you want) Thank you. <3

Sly Tundra 132 by Saliko-Archive…
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I'm scared.
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You don't have to be scared at all xD 
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Just for that, here's a song I'm listening to now!…

I hope things are going well for you :D
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Really nice imagery man, it's like graphics
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